To succeed in a rapidly changing world, enterprise requires leaders who will harness the winds of change.

They will relish the challenges of increasing globalisation, technology revolutions and the need for continual adaptation and growth.

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Five Things We Can Learn From Great Leaders

Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Angela Merkel. Whether you’re looking at business, politics, entertainment or sport, you will find examples of great leaders – people who have the inspiring ability to get things done and bring together people from all walks of life to achieve results that otherwise looked impossible.

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The ‘Push-Pull’ of HR innovation

We all know that HR has fundamentally been about helping enable culture and driving performance. But in order to do this effectively in today’s world, we need to recognise the key role HR plays in enabling innovation.

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Top 6 Attributes for Complex Project Leaders

A growing impact of globalisation and technology is that more and more projects are confronted with an increasing degree of complexity.

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Boards Through the Looking Glass

Does your board have a firm grasp on your company’s data and technology strategies?

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Executive Career Development – the step-child of the organisational talent process?

Having successfully filled the C-suite, surprisingly few companies give much thought to the ongoing training and development of their top talent. And those that do, find it a lot more difficult than they anticipated. Why?

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Mining sector update: the best of times, the worst of times.

Richard Fortune has just returned from a trip through Western Australia, which included attending the recent Diggers and Dealers Mining Conference in Kalgoorlie. Here is his update on the mining sector and some executive recruitment trends.

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